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Mauritius is an island off the southeast coast of Africa, east of the island of Madagascar. Mauritius, together with Saint Brandon, Rodrigues and Réunion island, forms the Mascarene Islands. Mauritius is a typical tropical island along its coast and is also home to stunning tropical forests in the central regions and enjoys a warm, rainy season from November to April and a cool winter from June to September.

The coral reef surrounding Mauritius is the third largest in the world and with an average temperature of between 22° and 27°C, the lagoon makes for excellent diving opportunities. The country is home to some of the world’s scarcest species and was also the only natural habitat of the Dodo bird before it became extinct.

Port Louis

Located in the northwest of Mauritius is the capital city Port Louis. You can travel to Mauritius via Port Louis on 30 weekly flights from any major European city. The entire country has a coastline of 330km, which makes it easy to reach any of the luxury resorts in the various regions, including the east, southwest and north of the island.

Mauritius Accommodation

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